Did I loop correctly? - Code Challenge

Below is my solution. One question on the While loop.

If list length is 10, and “While i > 1” with each loop decrementing i = len(list), how many loops should I get?

I count 9, thus missing the last loop for the list length?

def odd_indices(lst):
  i = len(lst)
  empty_list = []
  while i > 1:
    for num in lst:
      if i % 2 == 0:
        i = i - 1
        i = i - 1
  return empty_list

You only enter the ‘while’ loop one time. The ‘for’ loop does all the work, and when it is finished, i is zero, the list, empty_list, is filled, and control passes back to ‘while’, whose operand i > 1 now returns False, so control passes to the return statement.

You don’t need ‘while’ at all!