Did i do the doctor class correctly?

So i just finished classes lesson for prob over 5 times and inheritance is a very tricky concept.

Many people maybe say its very easy, but its really not for me.

And i met this optional instruction that says to create a subclass called Doctor.

This is what i ended up making:

class Doctor extends HospitalEmployee {
  constructor(name, insurance) {
    this._insurance = insurance

  get insurance() {
    return this._insurance

const doctorSannah = new Doctor("Sannah", "Unknown")
doctorSannah.takeVacationDays(7.5 + 7.5)

Now i am not sure if i did it correct or not, since the instruction is optional.

Could you guys answer for me?

It looks good to me.

This is from the lesson on classes: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-intermediate-javascript/lessons/classes/exercises/review-classes