Did everything as in example - code doesn't work


Project: “Going to Bed” in PHP course.

I couldn’t understand why my code doesn’t work as I thought, so I just rewrite everything from “hints”, but it anyway works wrong.

Mb you are able to clarify me, what is wrong? Thank you in advance.

Here is a code:


class StringUtilities {

  public static function secondCase($string){ 

    $string = strtolower($string);

    if (strlen($string) >= 2) {

      $string[1] = strtoupper($string[1]);


    return $string;  



class Pajamas {

  private $owner, $fit, $color;

  function __constructor($owner = "nobody", $fit = "nice", $color = "blue"){

    $this->owner = StringUtilities::secondCase($owner);

    $this->fit = $fit;

    $this->color = $color;


  public function describe(){

    return "$this->owner's $this->color pajamas fit $this->fit.";



$chicken_PJs = new Pajamas("CHICKEN", "just right", "orange");

echo $chicken_PJs->describe();

Here is an output:

's  pajamas fit .

But output should be:

cHicken's orange pajamas fit just right.