Dictionarys - Project Hurricane Analysis. Did the skill level jump with x100

Hi I am stuck.
It feels like the python skill level have jumped with x100 at the python dictionary project Hurricane analysis.
I dont understand anything. How did you manage this task?
Do i need to restart from scratch again and learn everything again or what?
What tricks did you use and resources did you use to manage this task and how long did you spend on it?

Help needed. Need a coding friend

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Please post a link to the landing page for this project.

Have you made any progress, as yet?

i am in the same boat as you… totaly lost on this one

If it is any consolation, I am the same - it feels like a massive jump!
But I am working through it with the solution (and some help from ChatGPT) to work out what it all means; but it is taking hours!

How is Chat GPT helping you to figure out what it means?

ChatGOT has been down a lot but when its yonincooyba oiece of cose and ask what it means and the answers are really clear - in understandable english

More understandable than the english my thumbs seemed to write :rofl:. I tried to say i copied code into got and asked the meaning ….