Dictionary CheetSheet is Missing an Item

Hello developers from Codecademy, I would like you to know that the Dictionary cheat-sheet is missing List comprehension to create dictionary. It would be great if you could add it. I know I may sound like a nag to all the developers on Codecademy, but trust me, it means a lot to me. Those cheat-sheets have helped me to accelerate my learning and are really helping me out. I have printed them and have pasted it right in front of me on a board. So whenever I get stuck it works as a reference, and helps me with my dyslexia. Thank you again for your wonderful effort. It’s 17 days and 68 hours spent on practicing my skill and learning new concept on Codecademy as of today and I am really feeling confident. Looking forward to a wonderful tomorrow. Thank you.

Hey there @chip7147613015! :grinning:

Personally I can’t make this decision, though if it is missing it sounds like it should be added. Could you post a link to the cheat sheet you are referring to?

P.S. I moved this topic over to suggestions, as I believe CC staff will be able to see this quicker from there.


Thank you 8-bit-gaming.
The link to cheat-sheet in question : https://www.codecademy.com/learn/paths/build-chatbots-with-python/tracks/python-3-data-structures-and-loops/modules/learn-python3-dictionaries/cheatsheet

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It would seem list comprehension is missing from the list section as well.

I’ll send this over to our Curriculum team to review and make the necessary corrections. Thanks for the flag @chip7147613015, @8-bit-gaming!

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