Dictionaries in Python Tutorial can be improved


I am enjoying thr data science course which part of it is the python course.
However the Dictionaries piece can be hugely improved as the material produced does not reflectthe required skills for some of the excercises and specially the final review.

Please revisit the material and improve it.

Thank you

Do you have specific examples that you can expound upon? Including as much detail as possible would be helpful for any developers reading this suggestion.

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I think how dictionaries and lists work together.
How each function works and what value it returns.

The initial lessons were truly amazing step by step and they covered every aspect and example. I had difficulty understanding dictionaries compared to lists.

If you jumped into DS with no prior Python experience then you may find yourself in a somewhat hummocked learning setting. Obstacles can come up at any time. Be sure to cover the basics in the Learn Python 3 track which will help to level the playing field.

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I did and I closed the Hurricane analysis project. But I had to do some trial and errors to learn the dictionaries and how they can be worked. That is why I believe some enhancement of the Dictionaries material and examples can do a great favor to new comers.

Please give an example of dictionaries and lists working together. Maybe the curriculum team can take some hints from your struggles.

In the Hurricane Analysis project, it took me more time than usual, I have uploaded it. each piece took me more time than a usual list project :slight_smile: but it taught me a lot. By the way, only used hints a couple of times. Now if such examples taken from hints can be shown from examples inside the tutorial where more practice can be done. Then the project would have taken less time.