Developing a new website with both front end from scratch


This is my first post and I am new to this site and I loved it.I just completed "Learning Java" course.My aim is to develop a website but I don't know where to start so I took Java course first.I have googled and found these languages to start with but I dont know the order.
html, css, js, php, python, and ruby, You need to learn some SQL to interact with database.
Which course I can start with and how can I move forward.A study plan is definitely needed.I wanted to start from the scratch and don't need pre-built templates or APIS(if that make sense in this world).
Please slap an advice to this.
Thanks always !


There's not really a required order to learn them in, as long as you learn them at some point in time, but here is my suggestion: HTML, CSS, PHP/Javascript, PHP/Javascript (the other one), then just do the rest in any order, but DEFINITELY do HTML & CSS, as these are the main languages needed for web development, as well as Javascript.
Hope that helps!