Developer Job Interview Questions

Some Coding Questions Asked in Interviews

Interviewers ask many questions and many different kinds of questions in job interviews. Among many other things, interviewers may ask you to:

  • Review some code
  • Beyond being able to understand the code and its comments, interviewers may want to see here if you can pick out technical errors, inconsistencies in style, maintainability, etc.
  • Write code to solve a problem that the interviewee most likely will not have faced before
  • This is the type of challenge we feature in our challenges section of the forums!
  • Read this post for more information on how this sort of question works.
  • Talk about trends in tech
  • Interviewers here may want to gauge how up-to-date you keep with developments in the industry - do you know about the best standards and the hot new frameworks? What do you think about them? This is one of many ways they will want to see if you are passionate about coding and continue to learn, a quality that almost every hiring manager will expect in their candidates.
  • Talk about an area in which the candidate specializes
  • If you claim to be a JavaScript expert in your résumé, you can expect questions about JavaScript! These questions may start simple but will quickly grow in specificity and complexity until you will inevitably be at the limits of your knowledge.
  • Interviewers will not be purely concerned with how far down the “rabbit hole” of knowledge you can go, but also with how you get there and what you do when you reach that limit!
  • How well do you communicate coding topics, particularly when discussing a topic that is is unfamiliar to other person? Will you be honest about the limits of your knowledge? How will you handle high-pressure situations like being asked very specific questions like this until you can’t answer any longer?
  • Build something and then talk about it
  • Interviewers may also give you a larger project, to ask you to code something from scratch in a few short hours, then explain your code (including why you decided to write it in a particular way, your design choices, etc.) to your prospective team and/or manager.

Do you know of more types of questions interviewers will ask in developer job interviews? Post them below!

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