Detour into Command Line course?

I just completed the Introduction to Functions lesson in Python 3 and have been prompted to continue with an Off-Platform course on learning Command Line. Is it vital and advantageous for me to learn Command Line now? Or can I skip ahead to the next Python 3 lesson? I am concerned that taking this detour into learning a language(?), Command Line, will be disruptive to the flow of my recent focused learning of Python 3. For lack of a better example, will this be like trying to learn classical, jazz, and pop music all at once and getting completely overwhelmed and confused? FYI I am a complete newbie to the world of coding.

Thanks in advance for any advice that you have.

It’s a brief course and would be helpful for anyone to know how to navigate file systems on your computer and to install things.

Are you on a Mac or windows?

I say take the course. It was suggested for a reason. It will help you understand how to install things, execute commands, and move items around, etc.

I am working on a Mac. Thank you for your advice.

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