Desperately trying to change my career narrative! Looking for advice on deeper learning

Hello, my name is Zach, and I am almost 2 months in on my webdev journey. I am studying every day, and using the Codecademy modules to get a general foundation down for HTML and CSS. I am working towards gathering all the necessary resources that will help me research and gain deeper understanding of these languages. I have quickly realized how overwhelming it can be to try and get a bird’s eye view of all the languages and resources. So, I am trying to narrow down my resources, so I can focus on whats important in the early stages of self-educating.
Currently, I am watching youtube tutorials and trying to work alongside their projects, but I am finding it hard to conceptualize git and how/when to upload to git in an efficient way. I think this is what is tying me up when i attempt to create something solo in VS code. I’d also like to better conceptualize boilerplate code for HTML, and what the difference is between sass and css.

I’ll just start with these topics, since I’m obviously a noob, and will probably be asking a slew of questions throughout my learning.

Happy coding and have an awesome Friday!



Hi, welcome to the forums!

It can definitely seem overwhelming! My suggestion is to figure out what you want to do, write down some goals and then do some research on the best ways for you to go about obtaining those goals.

There has been a lot of really helpful advice on this forum from many other learners about career changes and courses of action here and here and here for starters. Check 'em out.

happy coding!


Thanks so much for the advice, I’ll surf those forums now!

Think of git like a copy of your code you can share with other people. You can push your code to said origin as many times as you want, the code other people see shows the updates (that’s all they care about). Can they see that you made 100 updates? Yes. Who cares? As you gain more experience, you will be pushing fewer times.

How to upload to git: first you need to have git installed. After that, you can use the terminal\command prompt or a GUI client (see here). If you need to learn how to manage branches, you can read git’s documentation.

When to upload to the repository: short answer - whenever you want. It doesn’t matter how many times you push your code, it doesn’t cost more money and it doesn’t slow anything down. It’s a backup of your latest changes, as a beginner I encourage you to make constant pushes in case you need to revert back to a different version.

Long answer: it depends on the strategy the team you’re working with has in place. Although it doesn’t really matter you many updates you push, you will have to follow certain guidelines to make sure your branch is up to date with master, how to manage PRs, how to do forks\manage feature branches, do you do a rebase, etc. You can learn about all those terms in the git documentation.


Thank you so so much for this, it was a tremendous help!

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