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I am brand new to all this and am struggling with my background image for the header. I got the code into css the way I thought it should be but I am getting the ‘file not found’ error on dev tools.

this is what I have;

I would appreciate any help! If you let me know best places to look for trouble shooting instead I can do that too!

From your screenshot (and the error message), it seems like the file path is incorrect.

The file that you’re in is Desmoto's Arts & Crafts/resources/index.css/.paint.

The file that you’re trying to access is in Desmoto's Arts & Crafts/resources/

This means that the file path to find your background-image would be something like this: ../../pattern.jpg.

Try this and let me know if it works! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

Im still getting the same error message. My relative file path is this;
atleast when i copy it in the editor

I seem to be getting the same error whether I try put the image in css or html.

Okay, let’s try to go one further back: ../../../resources/pattern.jpg

I also see that you have backward slashes instead of forward slashes, though I don’t know if that makes a difference.

That’s what I think the problem is (the backward slashes). When i update the file name in the path to match the actual file name it blacks out the ‘\p’ like it doesn’t recognize it.

the other three images for the project have the same type of path though and had no issues loading…:confused:

Strange that this is the only one that won’t work…for good practices I’d still change them all to forward slashes.