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Hello All,

I creating my first page after completing HTML, CSS, jQuery courses
I'm trying to get a class to blink or continue scrolling, I guess spruce up the page a little. I have been searching the web and found the following code(to make a class blink), but it is not working (using Crome browser). Actually the h2 line disappeared! Any thoughts (i disrupted the h2& script tags to show the definition) Thanks in advance!


script src=""></script>"></script>
<h2> class="call-us"> Please call us at 777-777-7777 for quote and to set up an appontment!!</h2>


$( ".call-us" ).fadeToggle();
}, 500);

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We cannot see your complete code. While you have some HTML, CSS and jQuery under your belt, suffice it to say it probably is not enough to go out and embark on a real life project. While you might be eager to flex your wings, don't. Not just yet. Give your feathers time to grow in before attempting to take flight.

Recommend you do the JavaScript tracks and get way more practice in writing HTML/CSS by itself. Until you master those two, scripting behaviors is always going to present with difficulty.