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Hey everyone

I work as a web developer apprentice, but I lack the huge creativity of a designer when creating websites, therefore I am asking if someone could make some suggestions or things that I could add to make my blog look better and be more interesting that what it is, because I have no idea what to make. It’s in drupal so it’s quite hard to do anything html related unless using a template.php thing so bear that in mind when making suggestions is where you can take a look, its really basic and doesn’t really show much of my ability off as to what I can do. (It’s not responsive even though it should be but I cba to work backwards from desktop down to mobile.)

(small amount of js/php)

Im am welcome to any suggestions and looking for ways to improve my websites design because its basic and tragic right now.

Thank you


using a color scheme is a great way to make your website look better. Also, picking good font-family’s makes a huge difference too a website.

I personally have absolutely no sense for this kind of thing, but i know these things are important

Yeah me either, I’ve added in a menu now to make it look more website like, got the push it up sometime soon though if drupal will start working :confused:

Thank you for the suggestion, it was just a random color scheme haha

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@benjnev Hey, Design really depends on what the website/blog is about and what type of content you have… As @stetim94 said theme is also a point which is really necessary…

Some changes I can point out that would make the site look better:

  • For your site heading add some font style/ color to pick it up (that part needs flavor)

  • For your nav make the background till the end of the page (there’s padding )

  • For footer aligning your text to the middle would look good, adding a margin will also be great (space after around the text)

  • Adding headings to each post will look good as well

Hope this helps

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