Depthness of Codeacdemy's courses, and job opportunities

Hey. So I’ve been on Codeacademy for a while and almost finished a few courses (not on this account, on others.) So far its been so good. Although I’ve been wondering, does anybody know how indepth Codeacademy’s courses are? Do they teach you everything you need to know about the language? Or just the basics. Will the things they teach (specifically in python) give you the knowledge you need for an intermediate programming job? I’m open to insights. I’ve searched for an answer on this and have so far not found an answer.

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Good question. I can’t imagine anyone is going to land a six figure software engineer salary after completing Codecademy.

That said it is a great introduction and the price is right… and sure, I imagine that there are a few special snowflakes out there that will take what they were introduced to here and then move on to codepens, stackexchange, codefights and hackathons, and THEN land that 6 figures. Personally I see codecademy as a way to test the waters to see if I actually enjoy coding and if it’d be worth it, to take a bootcamp (one which touts high job placement). Thats just my thoughts as a guy learning while having a full time non-coding gig.

Welcome to hear others thoughts, opinions and even more so, results?

Thanks for that answer. Exactly what I was looking for.