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I don’t know what to do when it asks to change into the 2015/ directory. I used pwd although that didn’t output anything.

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This is kind of vague. What lesson is this in reference to? I’m assuming Learn the Command Line, right? Please include a link and a bit more of your code.

$ pwd cd 2015 doesn’t turn into anything but since the mistake code that is put out at the end. Did you run the command pwd to confirm you are in the path /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/ ? what does this mean exactly?

You have to issue each command on its own line.

pwd #print working directory
cd ../ #change directory to previous level. the ".." means go up one dir.


each “/” is a directory.
As it states here:

and here in this .png file.

Perhaps this Unix commands cheatsheet will help:

This is just like navigating your file system via Finder or on a Windows machine, but you’re doing it from the command line.

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Hey thanks for the help. I still am stuck at pwd. When it asks us to confirm that we are in the 2015/ directory: I put $ cd 2015
$ pwd although it brings up a red error asking if i put pwd

What is the answer to the next part of this problem?

I guess sometimes it’s glitchy. So, select “get unstuck” and then reset the dashboard…and then start again.

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