Deploying website using github

Hi guys!! I am stuck on the last part of the github…
How to save changes using (git commit -m “save my work”) please help. thanks

In order to save any changes that you perform on your project files, you must follow these steps:

  • Add them to the stage area: Means that you have marked a modified file in its current version to go into your next commit snapshot.
  • Commit your changes (what you must do now): means that the data is safely stored in your local database. Type git commit -m "your comment here".
  • Push to the remote repository at Github: Store the modified data in online database using Github.

More information can be found here at the basic guide to Git. Also a good guide to Github.

@kingdarboja thanks for your reply, yes I saw it on the guideliness but still I got an error to it…

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