Deploying a website -> 3. installing Jekyll

Terminal is disabled. Unable to type the command for installing Jekyll.
I’m working on windows. Is it necessary to have Linux/Mac to install Jekyll?

No. you use it on codeacademy’s website by typing gem install jekyll into the terminal.

But how do I enter to the terminal to write my code?

Seems that the terminal does not work in Chrome Browser. I found it works in Firefox. Amazing that a organisation that teaches web dev as it’s core audience can’t manage cross-browser compatibility.

Thank you ! I reported the bug, hope this will fix it soon

I’m still having issues with terminal in Chrome. I see the window but I’m unable to type anything into the terminal window.

refreshing page works for me on Chrome

refreshing page works for me as well for Chrome, thanks @ayaz786amd

Just tried refreshing. Worked for me.

i am deploying a website of installing jekyll on chromebook and it doesn’t work, please help