Deploying a Full-Stack with Heroku

I’m following the directions, when I do heroki --version I get heroku/7.47.7 win32-x64 node -v12.16.2

When I do which psql i get…

'which' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I downloaded it but it popped up with a few other installations something like Stack? I didn’t know which add ons to choose. The link that includes instructions

This command will return the local directory containing the PostgreSQL installation. If you get an error, try following Heroku’s installation steps again,

The instructions include this which , which it appears I dont have?

Is there a video that follows this article? For Windows? Has anyone successfully done this with Windows that would make a video on it?

I’m afraid I’ve not used these installs so I can’t help you with the additional installs, hopefully someone else who’s covered them can help.

For what it’s worth I’d assume that unless you’re installing multiple versions I don’t think you’d need to check for the command with which. If --version returns correctly then it sounds like it’s both installed and on your current PATH (that goes for both installs).

If you install a new version in the future then make sure you only have one on your PATH or it could become problematic (worth keeping in mind).

If you’re not using some form of bash emulation then the where command should be fairly similar for windows. If you wanted more info then have a web search for which command equivalent for windows cmd.

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