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i do not know to navigay pls help mete the cd command to my directoy


cd file_location/Other_file_location is how you navigate to a specific file, with the location in place of what I put.

cd .. navigates back one directory.

Use pwd to see what folder you are currently in.

Better advice can be found here:

Good luck: :grin:


thanks, but i have another trouble in 4/7 pls help me to solve it.


after typed my url in the bash i had get the o/p like this

git remote add origin
fatal: Not a given repository(or any of the parent directories): .git


So I found your name is subash01 in github(I hope it is) so your command should look like this:

git remote add origin

I do not see what is going wrong. Perhaps try the exercise in a different browser. I used Chrome, but if that is what you are using try Firefox.


ok thanks for replying to my post


i tried it but i getting the command line as
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories) :.git


Okay, I can't help you anymore here, as it is beyond my area of expertise, so I invited someone who can.


are you sure you are in the right directory? If so, initialize a new git repository. This means walking through all the steps you did in earlier exercise, or at least many of them

There my expertise ends at well


Expanding on what stetim94 said,

  1. Make sure you're in the right directory
    • Use the cd command to navigate
    • Use pwd to see which directory you're in
  2. Initialize the repository
    • Use git init to do this

If you elaborate on your problem, I'll be able to help more :slight_smile:


this might not be enough, there are quit a few steps in this exercises


sir i need help in 3/7 of this lesson because i cannot understand the command and also implement in the bash pls help me sir and also sorry that i went outside for the past 2hr so that i cannot reply to your post


What does the exercise ask?


the exercise ask

In the terminal to the right, open a new tab.

Then, use the cd command to navigate to your site's directory.

i don't know how to do this help me sir


I have done everything correct i believe but none of the boxes are checked , they just load for half a second then nothing happens. I have tried resetting the exercise but noting helps!


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