Deploy a website 4/7 pls help asap


We need help asap pls we have been stuck as this for a week it doesnt say if it is wrong or correct and we also already made a github account and we are doing what it tells us to do and it doesn't work so pls help us.
THank you


Need help with deploy a website on 4/7 adding a remote

What I am about to tell you is for part 3, because that seems to be what you are dealing with. (Otherwise, my apologies.)
1. Install Jekyll if you haven't-type: gem install jekyll
2. Then type:jekyll new personal_website
3. Then type: cd personal_website
4. Then type: git init

You should be all set to go.


We are not stuck on lesson 3 we are stuck on lesson 4


But thanks for trying to help


first write this:

cd /home/ccuser/workspace/daw/personal-website

and after that follow the comands


Ok thanks but I tried yumeis code and it worked


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