Demotivated - help needed

Hi guys,

5 Days ago, I began my journey of learning python as it was recommeded for beginners. I was enjoying it on code academy until I hit a bump. My goal was to make smartphone apps like those on Android and IOS but seeing online, Python does not appear to be a popular language for smart phone app development, is this assumption true? This has made me slightly demotivated and I have slowed down with my progress. I am now motivated to learn javascript course for app development on CA. Should I leave python unfinished and proceed with JS as that language seems carry out my purpose for learning to code. Am I making a beginners mistake of leaving a programming language unfinished?

Thank you for reading, and all advice will be highly appreciated.


It’s up to you which language you wish to pursue.
Python and JavaScript are fairly similar so you shouldn’t find it too hard to switch if you wish to do so.

Python is a good language to start with.
I believe it is possible to build apps using Python, but I haven’t used Python for this before.

JavaScript is mainly used in website development, both for front-end interactivity (code runs in user’s browser) or back-end (Using someting such as Node.js). JavaScript for front-end development is commonly coupled with HTML (content of a page) and CSS (design of a page).
You can also use Python to build websites using Django or Flask.

You can use both these to create a web-app (which a user can also ‘download’ and use on their phone).
Alternatively, if you are looking for a traditional ‘native’ app, Codecademy has some Mobile Development courses which you should take a look at:

Hope that helps!

I just found that section! Despite feeling bad about leaving python, I am gonna jump into the Swift course.

Your progress on the Python course will be saved so you can come back to it at any time in the future.
Swift is a good choice for Mobile Development.

Good luck!