Delivery Lead Looking to Upskill

Hey Code Academy!
I’m a new member and am wanting to do a bit of upskilling in 2022 and thought I’d try my hand at coding.

My goal in mind is to be able to have better conversations with my Engineers in the future and also, I thought it might be a useful side gig to have down the road.

However, I’m a little stuck on where to begin - would anyone have any examples on where a good starting place to be and how would you keep up on refreshing yourself with different projects?

Any help is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hey Josh o/

Where to start
In terms of where to begin, honestly any object-oriented language will be a great place to start.
And as a little tip, don’t be afraid google anything and to ask for help!

From my experience in Python, c/c#, Lua and recently javaScript, learning a language is not the hard part! Your first two might be confusing at first, but you quickly learn languages tend to be extremely similar.
The real meat in coding is algorithms, as you gain experience and familiarise your self with common algorithms you will soon find learning a language is a cake walk!

Programming languages tend to have striking similarities, just pick one up and run with it!

Keeping refreshed
When it comes to keeping my self refreshed, I have found experimenting with new ideas keeps me cracking.
If a concept interests me I will usually try to implement it in a small project, experimenting and learning as I go.
For example, last year I became obsessed with procedural generation, more accrutaly procedural generation of planetoids. Spent a good chunk of 2021 on that. :sweat_smile:

Just jump in and experiment with anything and everything that interests you!

There is so much you can do with coding. Just following a guide on any of these examples is helpful, make notes and try to dissect what each step is doing, you’ll be suppressed how much you start to recognise and understand as you progress though the guide!


Hey Joshua

I agree with parietic, a lot of it is just picking a language and running with it, you’ll find that they follow the same logic for the most part.
If you haven’t already, install Visual Studio Code on your computer if you want to play around with ideas outside CodeCademy platform (although not necessary since there are work spaces on the platform that you can use).

Also, your engineering team will be a great resource, maybe take part in their projects to get more relevant exposure and experience.

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