Disregard, I deleted this.


5 = 5, you use a single equal sign here, which means assign

but i am afraid you got the whole exercise wrong. You should manually evaluate the condition given to you by the exercise, and then set the variable to this result, so for example:

bool_one = True # could also be false, no idea, is just an example


Thank you. I cleared up the Line 7 thing and kept getting other little errors at the bottom. This one is pretty tedious, so I tried to rush through it… but now I have False statements where True statements go and True statements where False statements should be. I got it sorted out; I just wish there was a way to delete a thread.


then you haven’t properly manually evaluated the conditions in the instructions, and set the variable to the correct result

You can’t delete topics, given topics might be useful to other learners. Even when you have resolved the issue yourself


It would have been a matter of rushing. My eyes would have skimmed the wrong set of conditions because I was going too fast. I know -11 is less than -1. I hate to waste people’s time.


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