Deleted topic?


Few days ago I created topic with my (working) code. Just because I wanted to share it with ppl who have problem with task.
And now I can’t find it. I read forum’s FAQ.
Why was it deleted?

Hi Szkaplerny,

Posting code like you seem to have done isn’t allowed in these forums, which is probably why your topic was deleted.

Ok, I didn’t know this, I just saw similar topic.
If I can ask - why isn’t it allowed? I mean it would be great to share with working code.
I can learn much more when I saw working code, analyse it and improve mine than when I put my broken code into forum and someone do all stuff for me.

EDIT: But ok, I understand rules and won’t do this again. It’s just weird for me.

Comparing code can definitely help learning, but the problem is that there are people who have to do Codecademy lessons for class or to show their employer that they’ve learned the stuff. If they can just copy/paste the code from the forums, they don’t have to learn anything to pass :confused:

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The biggest problem is that if you post code and you don’t explain how things work, then it’s a disservice to new coders. They will copy and paste the code just to pass to the next step. CC exercises build upon each other and therefore, if our new coders miss those foundational steps, it will be harmful in the long run.

Perhaps you posted the code and didn’t break it down step by step?

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@zystvan - I didn’t know that ppl do codecademy tasks for school/collage/job. I thought it is just for ourselfs.
@lloan - it was in 15th (Python) chapter so I thought there is nothing to explain, ‘just look and understand’.
Ok, I get it. And what about pasting code AND explaining it step by step? Is it allowed or still not?

@szkaplerny I’d be inclined to say yes, but it really depends on a case by case. If you put it under an exercise like you said, then explaining how things work, step by step would help. The reason being, as I stated above, is that some people could just copy and paste to move on in a place they’re stuck. Getting stuck is part of the process - it helps us become more aware of our coding and makes us get creative. I’d say if you want to make a whole thread for one exercise’s code and you want to break it down, it better be really good, :laughing: - otherwise it might be taken down for the same reasons.

I completely understand why you want to do it though.

@lloan - yea, yea, I get what you mean, it’s very helpful.

Thanks for quickly responses guys!

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