Deleted, ignore this post

def is_prime(x):
  if x < 2:
    return False
  n = 2
  while n < x:
    if x % n == 0:
      return False
    n += 1
  return True

What’s wrong with this program? It isn’t giving me an error message about what I failed on, yet I can’t progress.

All numbers that are less than 2 are false, so it returns false and ends the function if x is less than 2. it defines n as 2, and runs a while loop until n is equal to x, in which case it returns True. The while loop checks all numbers between 2 (included) and x - 1 (included), and if x divided by that number doesn’t have a remainder, it returns False and ends the function. And if the number is 2, it just skips the while loop and returns True.

EDIT: I just ran it again and it’s working now. I swear I didn’t change anything and I’ve ran it again and again before, so I really don’t know how it’s working now. Not sure how to delete this post.


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