Delete Skill/Career Path from account home

Would be nice to be able to delete a career path or skill path for cleaner input cause I noticed that the webdev path is being updated and i would like to delete it from my home and start fresh without having to have the outdated path in my account.
maybe its just me but i find minimalistic more slick and clean also ilike it tidy and clean so would like to prepare my account for the upcoming changes.

This functionality is not yet available. In the future, please check to see if similar topics exist and reply on those topics rather than creating a new one (this is to keep the forums tidy). Welcome to the forums!

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Hi Victoria,

I searched for the subject, couldn´t find it… didn´t think it could be a full feature.
thanks for the quick reply, have a nice day and stay healthy :slight_smile:

Sencirily David


Many people agree with you on this idea, and I compiled many opinions from other members in the post @dr_victoria linked. Feel free to share your thoughts there. Hopefully it’ll help increase the visibility of our suggestion.