Def play_RPS: ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax


hey, I tried to find a solution but I couldn't find any.
every time I try to run the project this error comes.

File "", line 38
def play_RPS:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

from random import randint
from time import sleep
options = ["R", "p", "S"]
LOSS_MESSAGE = "You lost!"
WIN_MESSAGE = "You win!"

def decide_winner(user_choice, computer_choice):
  print "You selected: %s" % user_choice
  print "Computer selecting..."
  print "Computer selected: %s" % computer_choice
  user_choice_index = options.index(user_choice)
  computer_choice_index = options.index(computer_choice)
  if user_choice_index == computer_choice_index:
    print "Its a tie!"
  elif user_choice_index == 0 and computer_choice_index == 2:
    print WIN_MESSAGE
  elif user_choice_index == 1 and computer_cohice_index == 0:
    print WIN_MESSAGE
  elif user_choice_index == 2 and computer_choice_index == 1:
    print WIN_MESSAGE
  elif user_choice_index > 2:
    print "You can't do that !"
    print LOSS_MESSAGE

def play_RPS:
  print "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
  user_choice = raw_input("Select R for Rock, P for Paper, or S for Scissors: ")
  user_choice = user_choice.upper()
  computer_choice = options[randint(0,len(options)-1)]
  decide_winner(user_choice, computer_choice)


part of function declaration are parentheses:

 def example():

the parentheses, which may or may not contain parameters, are missing in your case


ah right ! thank you very much it worked !
in the hint they didn't put any parentheses.


The lesson tells you what you have to do, you have to create it

If you are unsure of syntax, you can always check documentation (i coded a few projects myself by now, it is far more important to be able to program, you can find the syntax in the documentation)

so it is a good thing, to be given some freedom, this will greatly improve your programming skills. I don't think the exercise should give you the syntax


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