[DECLINED] Learn How To Code: Basics Of Programming I: Operators - Incorrect Output Display

Course URL: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-how-to-code/lessons/bop-operators/exercises/operators-all-together
Steps to Reproduce: Change the number of apples and oranges to an “incorrect” number.

The third section of the interface (webpage with visual display) does not show the correct number of apples and oranges if an “incorrect” number of fruits is inputted (by incorrect, I mean one that is not what Codecademy has instructed you to input).

For example, setting apple = 5, then apple = apple + 2, does not display 7 apples (same with oranges). Other numbers will also cause the incorrect number of fruits to be displayed or none at all. This was first brought up in the post below.


Good catch! I just wrote out a report. :slightly_smiling_face:


Message back on the report:

Thanks for letting us know, unfortunately due to how this lesson is designed, it isn’t feasible to work as an open sandbox.

Thanks again for reporting, but it appears this lesson was not built in a way that this can be fixed.

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