"Declare my variables


Hi guys my name is paul, i'm just starting out with javascript.

I'm on "Declare my variables" & i must say i'm totally lost after getting this far then having some considerable time off & then coming back to it.

Allso it must be said that i'm just, infact this is my first atttemt at "Forums" so kinda double whammy but i'm sure this forum stuff with come together not to source about the coding coming together.....joke



To declare a variable with it's variable-name
you use

var aName;

You can assign a Value to this variable aName
by using the assignment operator

var aName = "a string Value";
The **VALUE** can be anything from:

•Object  ◦Function


google search
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javascript [your question] site:developer.mozilla.org
javascript assignment operator site:developer.mozilla.org

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javascript [your question] site:stackoverflow.com

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http://javascript.crockford.com/code.html <---JavaScript code-convention