Decimals and backslashes

More of a general question than anything specific: when changing directories, I am getting mixed messages on the syntax. For example:

cd comedy/
cd …comedy/
cd …/…/comedy

(An ellipsis is being displayed here instead of the two decimals, but I am using two decimals in these exercises.)

I’m missing how the difference between these three effects the command line since sometimes the exercises accept a certain one of these, and sometimes another.

Not to mention, navigating often returns the bash: no such file or directory message, yet the exercise tells me that I correctly followed the instructions.


It depends on the directory where you are and it should be .. not ... .

look at the image.

suppose you are in 2015 directory and you want to go to my-blog directory .then your command should be

cd ..

so we .. to move up one directory. It means parent directory.and if you want to go to feb directory from 2015 then your command should be

cd feb

now if you want to go 2014 from feb then the command should be

cd ../../2014

so it means parent/parent/2014
you can’t go direct by typing

cd 2014

then you’ll get an error no such file or directory message.It means you want to go to 2014 what is inside feb .
we use / to separate two directories.


I am xperiencing the same. It seems that I am typing the command correctly, and the exercise allows me to move on, but I get the bash: error message.


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