Debugging when browser emulator replaces console display - can't see errors or log output!

In exercises like “Animal Fun Facts”, the place where the console used to appear now displays the browser emulator.
That’s great, except we’ve been taught to rely on “console.log()” statements to debug code, and worse, we cannot see any javascript errors!
Did I miss a simple way to see the console output again in these contexts??? It’s nearly impossible to debug without it.

You can still use the browser’s console to see those logged messages.

Shift + CTRL + J (Windows / Linux)
Option + + J (Mac)

Alternatively, you can press F12 and click on the Console tab.

This particular project can be a little tricky if you have syntax errors though. Some errors are severe enough that it won’t be able to recompile the App.compiled.js file that it uses to display the results in the embedded browser pane. As long as you can see changes being made after you save, then you’ll be able to continue looking at the browser’s console for your console.log() messages

Super helpful. Thank you!