Dealing with Frustration while Learning to Code

Hi everyone! There is this little something that has being going around my head lately, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I’ve seen many people experience a lot of frustration while learning (anything in general), and sometimes that frustration leads them to give up. And I speak also for myself, I have, many times, experienced frustration while trying to learn new coding concepts. I still do, in fact. But now I know how to deal with it. Here are 4 tips I want to share with you on how to overcome frustration while learning to code (or anything else, really).

1. Make analogies with real life

Learning new coding concepts can be hard, especially if it’s your first time. (Or if you’re just learning concepts but never really learn how to apply them). That’s why it can be really helpful to compare what you’re learning to something else you already know. For example, the very concept of learning to code can be compared to learning a language. Programming languages also have their own syntax rules and other characteristics that make them unique. Of course, it can be a little bit tricky trying to come up with analogies yourself for things you’re still trying to understand, so in this case I’d really recommend asking someone who knows more about the topic.

2. Take a break.

A point comes in where you’re just not learning anymore, you’re not making progress. Time isn’t really productive anymore; you’re blocked. First of all, chill, it’s normal. Then take a break! Have some fresh air, maybe a snack…do something you like and stop thinking about the problem you’re facing. Then you can come back to your problem with a fresh pair of eyes and find a new perspective! Speaking of which…

3. Look for a new perspective

Sometimes, no matter how much effort we put into it, we still can’t manage to fully understand some concepts. In these cases, another pair of eyes comes really useful. Ask for help! Whatever question you have, it’s extremely likely that someone else also had it and figured out the answer. So ask someone for help, or look for articles on the Internet that can help you.

4. It’s ok to feel dumb

Last but definitely not least. This is the one I struggle with the most. I feel dumb because I don’t know certain things, I can’t explain them or I just CANT UNDERSTAND THEM!! Take a deep breath. That’s right, you can’t do some stuff right now, but that’s ok because you’re here to learn. So please, stop being negative to yourself. You’re never gonna get anywhere if you don’t think you can.

And don’t forget that feeling frustrated is normal! We all get frustrated many times while learning to code. But if you fight through it, you’ll come out with new, solid knowledge.

If you bothered to read until here, THANK YOU so much. Feel free to leave your personal opinion on this topic or ask for help below :slight_smile:


Very inspiring… especially the 4 the point " it’s ok to feel dumb".I have been really tired from coding from a few days so frustrated …
P.s. thanks for the like @toastedpitabread


So glad it inspired you :relaxed:
Yeah we’re all here to learn, and it takes time so don’t worry :nerd_face:


Thank you for posting this. Especially point 4.
Speaking from experience, I know that I would get really frustrated with myself if I didn’t understand something that’s new to me. Which is why points 1 & 4 above work in conjunction.

I think we need to remember to not beat ourselves up and to be kind to ourselves when learning new concepts or technologies. We’re not “dumb.” We can’t expect to immediately understand complex stuff. I mean, we don’t learn by osmosis! :slight_smile: We have to remember to talk to ourselves the way we would talk to someone else if we were teaching them to code–with a combination of patience and empathy.

And then there’s that moment when you finally understand something…you look around for someone to high five. Or perhaps that’s just me. haha.


Totally agree with you. (Also so glad you liked my topic :relaxed:).

You’re totally not alone lol :yum: *sends virtual high five :raised_hand:


‘We are not dumb’ so inspiring :hugs:


Loved it! Really inspired me and showed me I’m not the only one! Also that I need to not be so negative!

Thank you!


i loved this :star_struck: :sweat_smile: :mask:


It feels nice to know that I am not the only one…


As Mavis Staples sang (accompanied by Jeff Tweedy), “You Are Not Alone.” :slight_smile:


Duuuude, first of all you are a really compelling writer, so congrats on so many views! Also really found this helpful when it came to coding, thanks!

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Aw man thank you! :pleading_face:
So glad you found it helpful, it really surprised me how many people did :star_struck:

Love your articles btw :blush:

Omg thanks! Really hoping for a career in STEM, and wanted some practice with writing/blogging/want to start a blog, sorta too! But really appreciating the support! You’re the best dude!

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Starting a blog is a great way to document your programming journey (like on Medium). It’s also helpful to add to your personal website.


That’s what I’m hoping for, sort of a personal way to build my brand +expertise. Thanks for the advice!

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