DB Brower wants a password / encryption key to open a codecademy .sql file

Hi! I’m on World Populations SQL Practice II, working in macOS Mojave version 10.14.6. I found a similar query already posted up here without a resolution.

I’m running my SQL commands in DB Browser for SQLite. I opened the file “population_queries.sql” no problem, but when I try to open the solution file “population_queries_final.sql” I get a pop-up window in DB asking for a password, which I’m not seeing in the Codecademy instructions. My system’s in French, which maybe I should change if I have more things I need to screenshot and ask questions about, but since this is the first time I’ll just translate it.

"Please enter the key used for the encryption of the database.
“If other parameters have been modified for this database, you have to also provide this information.”

Then next to the open field right below it, it just says “Password.” Then there’s a drop down menu to the right for either “Secret Phrase” or “Encryption Key.”

It get the same popup when I try to open the solution file from Finder and when I try to open the file from DB Browser.

I should also note I’m able to open the .sql solution file with TextEdit:

Any thoughts? Let me know if there’s any other information we need to figure this out. Thanks!

Update: I just tried to open the solution .sql file after quitting DB Browser and got the same popup. Then I tried to open the original .sql file that I opened successfully before and got the same popup! Thanks again for any help.

I firgured it out (with some help over at stack overflow)! I was accidentally opening .sql files that didn’t contain databases, so DB Browser assumed they were encrypted.

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