Day One

Good Morning,

For me, today is day one. I am a 44-year-old mother of four who adores working from home, but my present position pays a pitiful amount. Coding is my choice because it meets all of my criteria.
I’m not in a rush to learn, and this job offers better pay and allows me to work from home.
Because I am not tech savvy or familiar with computers, I feel a little overwhelmed. But I’m open to learning. I’m hoping I didn’t take on too much. In need of inspiration? Does anyone else begin the same as I do? My husband claims that I lack technical ability. Suggestions for success? Great place tro start?
I welcome all comments and suggestions.

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Welcome to the forums.

First, I would recommend searching in this particular category as there are other similar stories from people that might resonate with you. There’s a wealth of great advice too from people who are at different points in their learning and careers.

Second, and more importantly & specifically, and no offense to your husband, but don’t listen to him or anyone else who is quick to criticize you and your supposed ‘lack of technical ability.’
Thinking computationally is a learned skill. People come to programming from all sorts of backgrounds; it’s not uncommon to have zero programming experience. Learning a new (or several) programming languages is similar to learning a foreign language. Would one expect to know how to conjugate verbs in French w/o first reading material or taking a course? No. Same goes for programming languages. It takes practice, repetition, and time. Are you going to get frustrated? Yep (as anyone else would and has). But you keep learning and adding to your skill set.
Start small, pick something that interests you and go from there. Practice writing code for an hour a day (or whatever you can fit in your schedule). Make it a habit and then it won’t seem so daunting. Once you learn things, help others too. Because you’ll remember what it’s like to start at the beginning.

Good luck!


Hi tera,
i am pretty much in the same situation :-). One year older, one kid, i didnt even tell my husband about that, as i suppose he will say the similar. but i look also for a change of work, where i can earn a bit more than i do atm. I checked out some courses and decided on the full-stack path where i am currently learning CSS. Perhaps we can come together and learn a bit if we feel lost?

So far good success

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Hi Tera,

First of all congratulations on taking the first step! The best advice I can give is to just commit to a weekly goal of how much time you plan to learn and practice your skills and stick with it, consistency is the key. It takes time, but after a few weeks and months you will be amazed at what you can do!

The more time you put in the quicker you will learn (obviously) but the more important piece I believe is staying consistent with a weekly schedule. I just completed my two year anniversary on this platform and I haven’t missed my weekly target goal during that time. Everyone’s journey is different, how quickly they learn, what they are looking to accomplish, how much time they can spend coding etc. Just stay committed to a regular schedule, celebrate the small wins when you learn something new and have fun!

You can do it!

One day at a time…