Day 50/100 and counting

My personal goal was 30days in a row.
When I achieved that, I wanted more.
So I set up the goal to 50 and I’m now pursuing 100.
Set small achievable goals and you’ll genuinely ask yourself for more.

-What’s your personal goal and how far have you gone?
-Share your thoughts and good luck on your journey. :smiley:



Congratulations on sticking at it! Takes motivation to keep going everyday but the rewards make it worth it.

I have set myself the 30 day challenge at the minute and am on day 4 of my Full Stack course at the minute (started from scratch to get back into coding due to pandemic). Getting involved with the community on the codecademy discord is a sure boost to my motivation and also coming to the forums everyday keeps me interested.

Also I joined a lovely group to do with coding and the guys in there make it a fun enviroment to learn and enjoy myself at the same time. I believe community is one of the most important things when it comes to staying motivated.

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Your streak of 50 days in a row is awesome, many things can happen to break that streak (a simple flu?).
What I am curious about is after that journey, what’s your most valued experience? I mean, lessons learned for the noobs of us!



Hey Jorge,

My goal is 100 days now, so I haven’t finished yet.
However, if you commit to start the journey just stick to the plan.
When you’re losing motivation, just visualize the reason why you started and where you want to go.


I like thinking of coding like brushing your teeth: a little every day goes a long way. Take advantage of days when you are extra motivated and crush it, and make sure that on days you don’t feel like it you still get at least 10 minutes in. It will keep your memory fresh and engaged with the content :+1:


My first personal goal is to finish the Javascript course. More will follow.

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Yeah, set small achievable goals.

I believe I can do it. And your goal?

Ofc you can do it! :wink:
My personal goal is to hit 100 days streak and finish my full-stack engineer path.

I wish you a lot of success on your journey.
Are you doing well?

I can say that I’m doing quite well.
I have finished HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git/Github and I will start React.js.
I’m pretty pleased so far with both my progress and with Codecademy’s path.

Wow, my current streak is only 6 days, good luck on getting 100 days. What I do is I set a reminder on my phone every day for around noon, to remind me to code.

It will become second nature for you, to code daily.
It just takes some time.
Best wishes!


P.S. Bring days streak baaaack!!! :"(

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I have to say that I agree on this one. I liked seeing the total number of days in the upper right corner. I already make it (coding) part of my day, so, I don’t need to see a weekly target b/c I’ve already set it for myself.
If there was a toggle switch and the learner could choose which one they saw on their dashboards, that’d be cool.

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Hey @konstantinosr23,

First of all, a huge shout out to you for your dedication to learning! Amazing to see this incredible streak :slight_smile:

I’m a product manager at Codecademy, and we recently launched the weekly targets feature that you see there. The main reason we launched this, is that we believe it will help our learners build more consistent learning habits, by allowing you to set your own commitment.

We have introduced the “weekly streak”, which I see that you already have 9 weeks in a row of meeting your targets! We believe that having streaks on a weekly basis vs. daily is more sustainable for our learners. Meanwhile, you can still find your daily streak in your profile section.

Best of luck on your 100-day coding journey, and free feel to message me if you have any questions!


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thanks for the feedback @lisalisaj, we’ll definitely consider this :slight_smile:

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Hey @richiewu,

Thanks for reaching out.
My point of view is that a weekly target for practice is more maintainable and sustainable for the learners.
On the other hand, a daily streak can easily be broken and discourage someone.
So, in my opinion, you’ve just implemented a great feature, a well-needed feature.
However, as @lisalisaj said, a toggle option would be a blessing.
Thanks again, Richie!


30 days challenge done :tada:
Currently on day 73/100.
What’s your status of the learning proccess?

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