Day 2 of being stuck on 6/10 please help before i give up!


can anyone see what i'm doing wrong??


Don't forget to capitalize Shift.


Still not working I'm afraid :o(


Did you check you spacing? Sometimes that little mistake will ruin everything. Since this is a screen shot I can't check the spacing in here for you. Let me know if you got it figured out


I don't think you need lines 18-20 on your main.css page. try it with these lines deleted


remove the '' on your Shift so it will become like this = font-family: Shift, sans-serif;

just copy and paste from my type but if you want to type it yourself dont forget the space between shift and sans-serif


font-family: 'Shift', sans-serif; is how it should be


On line 17 of main.css you have it spelled "junbotron" instead of "jumbotron"