David's Super Rough & Quick Data Science Cool T Shirts: Marketing Attribution Presentation

Hiii there folks,

I’ve been doing the Data Science skill path for the past 7-8 months (my progress slowed way down once I became a full-time Data Journalist :blush:), and I’ve finally completed my first project to be shared for peer-reviewing :champagne:

A link to the Data-Science project assignment here..

And here’s a presentation with my findings and also the queries I used.

Anyone care to give some feedback? Bear in mind I did this as quickly as I could. The slides ain’t as pretty as I would’ve done if I was presenting this to real clients / stakeholders.

But any and all feedback is welcome :blush:.

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Thanks for putting your slides up!

Could you give some insights on how you came up with your results on slide 13 aka “2.5 What is the typical user journey”? E.g. display the different/most common user journeys?

While doing this exercise I was wondering if the “first” first_touches are even that relevant because in the end it might be that a customer visited the site multiple times (just browsing through the products) and then finally visits the site again (maybe through a different campaign) and adds something to the shopping cart. So it might be more interesting to see which campaigns “contribute” to customers putting something in the shopping cart, e.g. campaigns from last touches before changing site. Therefore it might be interesting to see the user journey (e.g. how often useres visit the landing pages before adding something etc.).