Davids portfolio site

This is my portfolio page! Took a little longer than was planned but im glad at how it turned out. Let me know what you think, was there anything else you would have done, or what you like about it. Thanks for taking the time.

link to site:David fox- Front End Developer

code:GitHub - Dave2188/Portfolio-page


Looks great well done!

My only suggestion would be to make your hamburger menu button a bit larger as it took me a while to notice it was there.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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I checked out your web site it looked really good. very clean. Im in the learning process, I was injured and having to change vocations and in the process of learning to code. Anyway just wanted to say it looks great in my opinion.

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Thank you for taking the time! Change is hard but it will payoff in the end!

Hallo David, sch├Âne Seite. Ich bin beginne gerade mit dem Webentwickler Pfad.

  • Die Seite gef├Ąllt mir sehr gut.
  • Sch├Âner Strukturierter Aufbau
  • Die Schriftgr├Â├če im Hamburger Men├╝ w├╝rde ich etwas kleiner machen, damit sie sich mehr am Body Font orientiert.

(-)Pers├Ânlich w├╝rde ich das etwas tr├╝be Blau in eine etwas hellere Farbe ersetzen. Aber es ist wie immer eine pers├Ânliche Empfindung. Keine Kritik!

Alles Gute f├╝r Sie!

LG Daniel