hello every body :smile:. could you tell me what my problem is?

from datetime import datetime
now =

print ‘%s-%s-%s’ % (now.month,, now.year)

error : Oops, try again. Your printed date doesn’t seem to be in the proper format: mm/dd/yyyy.

You must use: ‘%s/%s/%s’ not ‘%s-%s-%s’ to pass this exercise.

Your format of date and time didn’t work. have tried this print ‘%s/%s/%s’ % (now.month,, now.year)
print ‘%s:%s:%s’ % (now.hour, now.minute, now.second) and it didn’t work

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I don’t get this at all I have tried those suggestions, but it still doesn’t work.

just type


print now

you guys really need to follow the instructions, if instructions say nothing a about putting in the date or say %s/%s/%s then don’t do that

print now.year
print now.month

Thank you very much, that helped I understood where I went wrong.

It’s probably how it’s worded, that’s probably why I didn’t get it thank you vanguard714.

I need help, where do I start?