Date-a-Scientist -ML Capstone Project Query

I am attempting to complete data-a-scientist project and struggling to code for column ‘avg_word_length’, which comprises average word length.

please also suggest how to create a column to include frequency of the words “I” or “me”…

is there a full solution to this project available …thanks…


I have not done the project yet, so I have no clue about that specific column.
I would recommend using the for loop for ‘I’ and ‘me’ and saving the results to a variable to see the frequency.

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thanks i am needing a bit more than that :smiley:

Are you using Python 2 or 3?

If you are using Python 3 I can’t help you much.

If you are using Python 2 I can help, but I can’t give you the answer.
Could you give a screenshot of your code? :grinning:

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the code is within ‘date-a-scientist’ project… you would be able to access if you open the project from within codecademy pro module!!

I don’t have pro, sorry.

I can give you advice if you show me the code you are stuck on.

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Your suggestion of how best to implement this (one or more loops) would be most likely be the same, syntactically, in either. :slight_smile: (There are some differences between the versions, but none so great that they’d likely affect ones suitability for solving any of the tasks set by CC over the other.)

The learning environment is unique to each user of Codecademy. So, even if we were given a link to the exercise you’re attempting (which would be quite helpful to save us searching) we would never see your code, only our own attempts if we had made them.

So, do you have a link to the exercise in question please? :slight_smile:

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Good to know, thank you.

Hello, I’m also stuck there too. The average is a little confusing I tried to .split() the essay and get the length of each word. But it doesn’t look right to me. Have you solved it?