Datalist help!

Consider what ‘select’ does to declare the context. Does this parallel with ‘datalist’?

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Hello mtf,
I’m not sure to understand, what do you mean?
Should I use select on a datalist input?

I’m assuming the exercise is about datalist, so that would be what to use, as you have. What happens when you click inside the input field and type w?

All three options contain one or more w’s so all should display in a drop down selection menu.

Please post a link to the exercise so we can test your code.

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What I understand from @data9589448548’s post is that his drop down menu is not working as in see picture. However when I paste his code in to mine it seems to be working fine.

Anyways @mtf the link to the exercise


Hello both!
Thank you for cheking :slight_smile:
The question that it’s not working is the “Motivational Quote”, @janneslohmeijer, does it work on your computer too?
Have a nice day!

I am afraid it does. Both in Firefox and Chrome. Have you updated to the latest version?



Hello @janneslohmeijer,
Yes, Chrome is updated, I’ll check on another PC at work.
It worked on your comuter so code is good, thank you so much for your time!
Have a nice day!