DataFrame Vizualisation

Hello, I am a relatively new student here at Codecademy and I am currently doing this proyect. In the editor I only have the console to help me visualize the DataFrame, but throughout the whole Pandas lesson I was aided with a beautiful representation of the DF in a small explorer with a local host. Is there any way I can recreate that system on my own computer for challenge projects like these?

Thanks to everyone a priori :grinning:

This normally exists in one form on another in most editors that support interactive Python. Standalone Jupyter notebook/lab have extensions for this purpose, vs code has an interactive Python window (jupyter based), Spyder has a variable explorer (IPython based), PyCharm has a variables (something) viewing pane.

I’m sure there are others available so pick your preferred editor and have a little look around. If it’s available for your editor then it’s normally under a title like variable inspector/explorer.


Look into Google Colab too. it’s an app that you add to your Google Drive. It’s cloud-based and based on Jupyter Notebook. You can import CSV files there (either a file upload from your machine or from your Drive, etc) like the Jeopardy csv file, or grab data using an API or build a web scraper using BeautifulSoup, etc. etc.

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Thank you!

I’ll take that in consideration!