Database record question (SQL)

Hello fellow Codecademy friends

I have a question regarding managing the database.
This is not about the exercises from our site, I have completed SQL course already.

This question came up while I was working on my django team project.

Here is the question :
When the airline sells the flight ticket, they have various ticket prices on each flight schedule. Such as “Discounted Price”, “Special Offer Price”, “First Class Price”, “Base Price”.
and lets say that I am eligible for “Special Offer Price” because I fly frequently.
But the question is, when designing the Database to record the price for each flight schedules, do i need to record all different types of prices to a price table?.

Or is it possible only to record and get the “Base Price” data and change the price for different types?.

My brain tells me that it is better to record all different prices to a single “Price” Table and get the selected price type from the data.

But my teammates want to just record the base price and somehow give percentage to the Base price by coding it.

Whats your thoughts on this?./