Data Structures & Algorithms Working Group

If anyone is interested in working together on data structures & algorithms, solving challenges and puzzles, and learn from each other join the Ottawa/Algo Chapter. I would like to preferably start from arrays then based on the progress of everyone move to graph and binary data structure problems. We would solve the problems separately and get together to share solutions. We would then explain why we chose to do so, do a sort of code review for the best use case, and how it can be improved.

I find doing these problems by yourself you tend to miss things that can be optimized or never find a better way of solving the problem. If anyone is interested join the chapter. I just created it so feel free to join or give pointers on how we can improve it. Codecademy Ottawa | Join a chapter and learn together


hey , It would be a great help to be acquiring knowledge in groups along with sharing of every one’s ideas and knowledge.
may i know how is this going to work.

Hey, this group has just started, so still figuring things out, but the plan is to post the questions we would do on a blog located on the page. Everyone would attempt these problems then get together to share solutions and how you worked through the issue. If you couldn’t solve it, you’d learn by listening to others. I assume everyone would solve the questions differently and learn from the process of other people’s solutions.

I would be writing out my solution to the problem on and sharing my screen; others are welcome to do so and see each other answers.

I assume that everyone will be proficient in different languages, but the solution’s core idea will be the same. If people don’t want to share their screen, they can submit their answers by email.

The meeting’s frequency will depend on everyone’s wants; it can range from monthly to biweekly.

Joining the group is not mandatory, people can drop by when meetings are held to share solutions, listen in or provide critique on solutions. I don’t claim to be an expert in the subject matter so everyone is free to pitch in and correct me.

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soooo how can i join the group , plz let me know

To join you just join the group on Codecademy Ottawa - Algo | Join a chapter and learn together
The meetup dates and problems will be posted there.