Data Scientist career path

Hi there,

Is anybody else working through the data scientist career path and want to buddy up for code reviews and collaboration?
I’m based in the UK and currently 16% of the way through the path.

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Check over on the discord server. You might have better luck w/people responding. Click on the Chat link above.

It says invalid invite. For some reason the Discord server link isn’t working for me.


That’s strange, (or Codecademy Community) is our standard invite, it’s a little odd that’s not working, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error you’re receiving and we can try to troubleshoot it a little.

You can also trying clicking on the “Join Server” button pictured below and enter our invite code codecademy directly into there.


Let us know if it works! :smile:

Certainly, here’s the screen snip:


Discord on their helpcenter lists the following reasons as the “normal” options why something like that isn’t working.

I don’t think it’s any of these, but just sharing for the sake of completeness and to be sure.
To troubleshoot, would you mind using the direct joining step I showed above, or use this link instead of the one on the nav bar:

Same “invalid invite” error coming up with that link.

I see, that’s odd, just to confirm it’s nothing on our end would you mind DMing me your Discord username (I’m one of the staff over there) and I can make sure? I don’t think it’s what’s happening here, but I would rather eliminate it as a possibility just in case!

Equally I completely understand if you would rather not share it, but it would help for troubleshooting if you did :smile:

It’s ok, I’ve messaged you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that, at a quick look through with that username it doesn’t seem to be an issue on our end and I’ve tested on a secondary account and that could join fine, so I’m not quite sure what’s the issue here, but there’s a couple things I’d like to try to troubleshoot.

  • To see if it’s something on Discord’s end, could you try joining a different server? Here’s the invite link for the official Python server for example: Python, of course you don’t actually have to join it if you don’t want to, but at least seeing if you get a different (or preferably no!) error page would be nice to confirm! You can always leave the page without clicking “Join” if you didn’t want to.

  • If you log into Discord through the desktop app/web app/mobile etc, trying joining through the “add server” button at the bottom I highlighted, perhaps that might work instead of the invite code.

If those don’t work, unfortunately since it’s not something on our end (as you’re not banned from the server) and I assume you’re in <100 servers, there’s not a lot we can do here, perhaps it might be worth reaching out to Discord’s support team and seeing if they can work out what’s happened on their end that this isn’t working!

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Ok I’ve sorted it.
Embarrassingly somebody else signed in to discord and signed out again without me knowing, and so I was trying to follow an invite without being signed in.
My apologies.

Not at all, we’re here to help! Great to hear you were able to get in :smile:

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We get there eventually :smiley:

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Hey there!

I’m also working through the data scientist career path, I’ve had experience with master in big data for analysing sport, but I’m trying to keep updated with more and new stuff. Currently, I have made 9% of the career path, started one week ago. I’m based in China.

Hi, my name is Trevor I am from the UK. I am on the same track and have just hit 19%, its slow going!

Awesome, would be great to connect :slight_smile:

hey, I would be down to collaborate! I am also 16% in

I’m happy to connect and work together. I’m based in the US

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Just started Data Science Path, could you please share a fresh invite to discord server?



Yeah of course, the link is: