Data science Path

I have just started with Data science in PRO code academy. Does anyone know how much time does it take in order to complete this path ? I am currently spending only 4 hours per day.
Thanks in advance

The amount of time it takes varies from learner to learner. People with strong math and or programming wherewithal will usually breeze through it. If one is starting from scratch it could take quite a long time.


Yay! Welcome!! :slight_smile:

I would also add that it’s more important to understand the concepts presented than to just get through the material. I see that SO often on this other school’s forum/slack channels. Students think it’s a contest to see who can speed through the material the fastest and then post a TON of questions–which is fine b/c if you’re stuck, you’re stuck–but, you can tell they really didn’t read through or practice the material. (I know b/c I went through the same program and struggled w/some things, but, I also went over the concepts presented until I understood them).

As @mtf said…it varies. :panda_face: