Data Science Path

Hi, I’ve recently found an interest in Data Science and am looking to pursue the Pro path offered here on Codecademy. However, through my research of the field of Data Science, I see that a prerequisite is linear algebra, calculus, statistics, etc… I see in the path offered that statistics is a part of the curriculum but not many other math topics. You guys say that after the path, students will have the skills for a full time data analyst position. I guess I just want to know if it’s really true? Thanks so much.

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Learning to program is not the same as learning advanced maths. Not even high school prepares one for the rigors of analytical mathematics. If you want to study Data Science, then get the maths under your belt, first. Don’t try to play catch up.


I thinks the best idea is to first work as Data analyst and then with experience and self maths learning you can move as Data scientist , i’m not sure but working as Data analyst is ways more easy , someone can tell me if i’m wrong?

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You’re absolutely right, Adam. Data science is very different from data analysis. For full-time data science roles, one would often be competing with people with advanced degrees (Masters, PhDs, etc.) in mathematics. For data analysis roles, the entry point is much more accessible. That’s where Roy is also providing some great advice (IMO) for people truly looking to get into data science.