Data Science Path Projects

I progressed through all SQL excercises from the Data Science Path, until I came up to the Usage Funnels project called “Warby Parker’s Marketing Funnels: Project Rubric”.

But having read all the instructions, I never read where and how I had to send my project’s answers to be seen, or corrected. In fact, after completing all the steps at codecademy, the website took me to another different lesson.

This was the first project I had to do, so I am asking this to be certain about what I will do in the next ones.

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Hello @array2514492347, welcome to the forums! As far as I know, those projects are self-mark, which, means you choose whether it’s correct or not. You could also post a link to the github page it’s on onto the forums for a peer review.


I wonder the same thing. I made a report on the project, but I don’t know where it needs to be returned for review?