Data science path: Learn Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup; prior knowledge?

So far in the ‘Data Science Path’ the lessons have been accessible for me. I recently started the ‘Learn Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup’ (link below), and I have found myself very out of my depth. The lesson seems to assume prior knowledge of html(?). Can anyone recommend resources for background information regarding this lesson or a short course on Codecademy that might provide an efficient entry to the ‘Learn Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup’ lesson?

Hello @alexanalyzes. There is an HTML course that Codecademy offers (at full length-with Pro, including the quizzes/projects it is 9 hours.) But if you only wanted to get an understanding, the lessons themselves would only take 4/5 hours aggregate. Here is the link: I am assuming you have already done some Python Pandas and some vanilla Python. (If not, there are courses on Codecademy.) I hope this helps!

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Thank you, tera5288723178.

Completing the first section of ‘Introduction to HTML’ was sufficient for understanding the key aspects of ‘Learn Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup’. It took less than an hour.

I would suggest adding this link as a suggested pre-requisite to the intro page for the ‘Learn Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup’ course.


I’m having the exact same problem that you were having. Thank you for this post. Hopefully they will add that pre-req link soon, and hopefully a tutorial video for the project.

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