Data Science path - Constellation project (Orion)

Hi all

I finished few days ago the project Constellations from the Data Science path, trying to push further than the initial guidelines.

You can have a look on Github, unfortunately you cannot enjoy the 3D visualization on Github so feel free to download the project and open the notebook to display the constellations (and improve my the code hehe :wink: )


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Though, I’m confused as to why the 3-d viz isn’t available…
Rather than asking ppl to download your notebook you could re-create this notebook in Google Colab and ppl wouldn’t have to download anything. Just something to consider. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tip lisalisaj, I’ll check what I can do with Google Colab!


@lisalisaj I checked Google colab’. However it seems that it does not support “%matplotlib notebook” to open an interactive window (which displays the 3D plot)…

I thought that I was doing it wrong but I found few discussions about it, with this conclusion.

I may of course still miss something here, so I’ll continue to look for a solution!


Sorry to multiply posts, I don’t manage to edit the first one of the thread.

Here is a snapshot of possible visualizations

Hm, I guess I forgot about that rotation part. I didn’t do that in my notebook.
And, you’re right: Colab doesn’t support %matplolib notebook . It only supports %matplotlib inline.

For reference:


edit: update
I created it in Jupyter too and did the rotation part. My thoughts: Eh. Not impressive. lol. A 3-d static image is fine by me…


Also, I wanted to say that I think it’s cool that you went beyond the initial scope of what’s asked in the project.

Happy coding!